New look for Manuskript 0.5.0.

Manuskript 0.5.0

Manuskript 0.5.0 is out! This latest release is a culmination of many fixes and enhancements that improve the robustness and overall usability of Manuskript. What’s new? QtWebEngine support UI improvements Block insertion cursor New flash card style Text alignment OPML export format Many bugs fixed Here’s a look at the updated User Interface: Download Manuskript[…]

Manuskript 0.4.0

Manuskript 0.4.0 is out ! Development is slowly going forward on github, thanks to many people contributing with: bug reports, ideas, code, and even donations. Thanks to all of them ! Special thanks to Curtis Gedak (maintainer of: GParted, EBookGenTools, and SolitaireCG) who’s been really helpful lately ! What’s new? A much better export system, working with markdown, using[…]

Manuskript 0.3.0

Hey, manuskript 0.3.0 is out ! So, what’s new? Most changes happened under the hood. Here are the most important: 1. New file format I have been dissatisfied for a while with the single-file format: it doesn’t allow versioning, collaborative editing nor out-of-manuskript editing. Pushed by one of my interlocutor, I opted for a different[…]