With the outliner, you can see in a single glance the overall status of your book. See what chapters are done and those in need of writing. See which character appear in which scene. Quickly rearrange things if necessary. Write notes and summary for each item as you keep the big picture in view.


6 thoughts on “Outliner

  • If you’re making it like Scrivener, then this is missing the ability to add new columns for custom metatags. Also columns that are sortable.

  • When I start a project I can’t create either charcters nor locations (windows 10) nor anything.

    In addition, the structure I create (for goals) isn’t remembered.

    Please tell me when you’re software really work on Windows or if I did something wrong

    Btw I’m french, so it would be easier if someone in your team can reply in french (but I understand english aswell)

    • How are you creating the characters?

      In my Windows 10 Virtual Machine with manusrkipt-0.4.0-1-win32.zip unzipped into a folder, I can run manuskript by double-clicking on manuskript.exe. To test character creation I did the following:

      Select Novel template, click create, and then pick a folder and filename and click Save.
      Select Character icon on left-hand-side.
      Click Plus icon at the bottom of the pane titled Names.
      A new entry is then displayed with New character as the name.

    • In the Editor tab, click on a folder, and then in the bottom-left you’ll see 4 buttons: one to up, and 3 to change the view from: text, index card, and outline. 🙂

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