Warning: Though many features are already working as expected, Manuskript is still in heavy development. If you consider using it for serious work, do frequent backup !

Have a try, and let me know what you think of it !

Latest version

Run from source, the develop branch. See below.

Packages (version 0.3.0, obsolete)

If you used manuskript with older version and want to move to manuskript 0.3.0, please read this first.


Download, unzip it, and run manuskript/manuskript.exe. (Thanks to @vmpajares for the packaging.)

Warning: some anti-viruses detect a false positive with this file, as is sometimes the case with files created with pyInstaller. Don’t worry, it is fine.

Linux 64bits

Download, unpack it, and run manuskript/manuskript.

Mac Os

Download, unzip it (double-click), and the newly created manuskript folder. It contains a lot of files. Find the one name manuskript and double-click on it.

Older releases

You’ll find older releases here.


You’ll need at least python3, pyqt5lxml.

Version 0.3.0

Download sources: zip or tar.gz

Extract archive, and run bin/manuskript.

Latest / develop

You can try the last version from GitHub:

git clone
cd manuskript
git checkout develop

Or download the sources from the develop branch.

Change log

See here.

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