Manuskript 0.4.0

Manuskript 0.4.0 is out ! Development is slowly going forward on github, thanks to many people contributing with: bug reports, ideas, code, and even donations. Thanks to all of them ! Special thanks to Curtis Gedak (maintainer of: GParted, EBookGenTools, and SolitaireCG) who’s been really helpful lately ! What’s new? A much better export system, working with markdown, using[…]

Manuskript on OS X

Manuskript now on Mac OS X !

Manuskript has now been packaged for OS X: Most of the features work as expected. On the retina display of the computer I used, I had to increase quite a lot the default font-size in settings to have something usable. So you might have to do that as well (Preferences > Views > Text Editor[…]


Manuskript 0.3.0

Hey, manuskript 0.3.0 is out ! So, what’s new? Most changes happened under the hood. Here are the most important: 1. New file format I have been dissatisfied for a while with the single-file format: it doesn’t allow versioning, collaborative editing nor out-of-manuskript editing. Pushed by one of my interlocutor, I opted for a different[…]

Story line

Manuskript 0.2.0

The first few feedbacks I got for manuskript were encouraging. They tended to show that having a free software for writers in that line was not such a bad idea. Yet this is just the begining, and the road is long. There are many questions to answer, and hard strategic decisions for the future of[…]


Manuskript 0.1.0

After a few months of coding on my own, I decided to release Manuskript. It’s still very much a work in progress, yet it can already be used. I believe it may help fill the void for open-source tool for writers. As will be evident, it is heavily inspired by Scrivener (though I never ran[…]