Manuskript 0.10.0

Manuskript 0.10.0 is out!

This release is made possible by many people who contribute bug reports, code improvements, and language translations. Thanks goes to all of you. Special thanks to Jan Wester (@worstje) who enabled the new Windows 10 dark theme and has provided fixes for a variety of issues.

What’s new?

This release adds a dark theme for Windows 10, enables alternate spell checkers, and includes many bug fixes and language translation updates.

  • Add support for additional spell checkers
  • Add basic dark theme for Windows 10
  • Enable non-English locales to display built-in English language
  • Default keep revisions to disabled
  • Improve project save by tracking dirty (changes made) state
  • Improve upon undesirable window placements
  • Fix template new level names being reset
  • Fix compile/export silently overwriting files
  • Fix cannot leave fullscreen mode with macOS X
  • Improve image tooltip handling
  • Prevent spellcheck on typing word at end of paragraph
  • Add warning for import crash with Qt 5.11 and 5.12
  • Fix crash when lowering number of saved revisions below 1
  • Fix crash when hovering over image link
  • Fix crash when removing folders
  • Fix crash when drag and drop in outline
  • Fix crash on adding word goal in outline
  • Fix crash when story line shown with German translation
  • Fix crash when importing
  • Fix crash with pandoc export when title is empty
  • Fix crash when invalid characters inserted into text
  • Fix crash when using a custom pandoc installation

Here’s a look at Manuskript with the KDE Breeze Dark theme:

Manuskript on KDE with Breeze Dark theme

Download Manuskript

Download, install and learn how to use Manuskript to write a fiction novel today!

Manuskript is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Extra import and export formats such as ePub, OpenDocument (LibreOffice), and DocX (MS Word) are available in manuskript if you also install pandoc.

More information can be found on the Manuskript Wiki.

Improvements in this release can be found in the ChangeLog.

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