Manuskript 0.9.0

Manuskript 0.9.0 is out!

Development continues moving forward on github, thanks to many people contributing with: bug reports, ideas, code, and translations. Thanks to all of you. Special thanks to Youness Alaoui (@kakaroto) who added the new fullscreen features and has been really helpful lately.

What’s new?

This release adds fully configurable fullscreen editing features, and includes many bug fixes and language translation updates.

  • Add configurable fullscreen editor improvements such as chapter/scene navigation, new text, clock
  • Remember and use last accessed directory
  • Add ability to add new background images through UI
  • Fix new text ignores spellcheck on/off setting
  • Fix background of popup menus that were transparent
  • Fix cork background image on Windows
  • Fix some application text not displaying translations
  • Add proper icon for Windows PyInstaller package
  • Add snap package build capability
  • Fix crash with wrong codepage on import with Windows 10
  • Fix crash in compile/export when previewing malformed regular expression
  • Fix crash when right-clicking twice on fullscreen panel in Windows 10
  • Fix crash when right clicking a word in editor and enchant is not installed
  • Fix crash when previewing pandoc HTML with QTextEdit as web renderer
  • Fix crash when 7 pound signs are written alone on a line

Here’s a look at the Fullscreen Editor with all of the configurable features displayed:

Manuskript with all fullscreen editor features shown

Download Manuskript

Download, install and learn how to use Manuskript to write a fiction novel today!

Manuskript is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Extra import and export formats such as ePub, OpenDocument (LibreOffice), and DocX (MS Word) are available in manuskript if you also install pandoc.

More information can be found on the Manuskript Wiki.

Improvements in this release can be found in the ChangeLog.

5 thoughts on “Manuskript 0.9.0

  • Great! Nice with the extras in Full screen. Thanks for all the hard work!
    I have been using Manuskript for about half a year now – Simple mode – until now to gather smaller texts that I want to keep working with. I edit and order them and write some notes about them – works as it should, I enjoy writing in the program; the text area is clear and without distraction.
    Glad that Linux is getting a replacement for the no-longer supported Scrivener.
    And happy to see the development continuing at such a pace.

  • Thanks for the new version of the software, whose development obviously requires a lot of passion and time. I use it with satisfaction on Linux to write my stories and tales, and I find it functional and enjoyable. When there are updates, I warmly welcome them.
    I have the Italian translation ready (.qm and .ts files), I tested it and it’s ok. Do I have to fill out the form on github or can I send you the files ready?

  • Can you make the software usable for people with low vision? Having a program that implements Audible Text ”reads the text,” provides large-print characters on the screen. Different level of magnification such as: five lines of 16 letters each, five lines of 12 letters each, four lines of 12 letters each, and three lines of nine letters each. The cursor remains stationary as the user types. Text may be browsed by letter, word, line, or full screen. Additional features include a Find command, which may be used in conjunction with the Delete command to delete blocks of text. And allow for Dark theme where the screen is dark and the text, commands, menus are light (please see “bibisco”).

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