Manuskript 0.11.0

Manuskript 0.11.0 is out!

This is a bug fix release and is made possible by the folks who contribute bug reports, code improvements, and language translations. Thanks goes to all of you.

What’s new?

This release fixes a bug that can result in data loss when copying and pasting into the Notes / References and Summary sections. Also included are language translation updates.

  • Fix bug that caused data loss when copying and pasting into Notes / References and Summary sections
  • Fix Windows 10 Dark Theme on older Qt versions
  • Remove support for macOS X Sierra (10.12) in Travis CI build

Here’s a look at Manuskript with some text in markdown style:

Manuskript Editor Pane with Markdown Content

Download Manuskript

Download, install and learn how to use Manuskript to write a fiction novel today!

Manuskript is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Extra import and export formats such as ePub, OpenDocument (LibreOffice), and DocX (MS Word) are available in manuskript if you also install pandoc.

More information can be found on the Manuskript Wiki.

Improvements in this release can be found in the ChangeLog.

9 thoughts on “Manuskript 0.11.0

  • Hello and thanks for this efficient software>. I am using it to organize my writings. I use it to organize my novel using Arabic and even in Swedish languages. I works well.
    I read that an uppdate is released, 0.11.
    I wonder if I should uninstal the old one, 0.10, first and install the new uppdate. Or does installing 0.11 uppdates the old one. does it affect my work?
    Thank you
    Yusuf Tabbakh

    • The .msk project file format for Manuskript is unchanged from 0.10.0 to 0.11.0. Installing the GNU/Linux .deb or .rpm files will automatically update Manuskript. The Windows PyInstaller package .zip files are self contained so these do not replace the existing install.

  • As in previous versions, the program hangs when working with scenes of more than 3,000 words. A pity, because this makes manuskript useless for a novelist.

    • That is a pity… I’m using manuscript nevertheless, hoping that thing to be fixed.
      My son (just becoming an programming engineer) commented on the choice of language (Python), that it is easy to get things done with it but it is the opposite of effective. I hope it is not a dead end.

      BTW, I was thinking of contributing by making documentation. There is very little in help files and I e.g. spent some time before finding how to start a search! Also finding all the time “oh, this feature is handy” after using something by chance! If someone could answer my stupid questions I could try to put something together.

    • Send in a traceback or logs on crashes and hangs ( if possible)

      I’ve used Manuskript 0.10 for the National Novel Writing Month and had scenes with >50,000 words.

      there WERE issues when I tried to copy/paste between Manuskript and other text utilities, but well beyond the 3000 word limit you are seeing.

      I run on Clear Linux.

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