You can contribute to Manuskript in several ways.

Helping Others

Have you acquired some knowledge from using Manuskript? Consider helping others by responding to issues reported by other users.


Have you discovered a cool feature and it’s not documented? Share your “how to” steps in the Wiki.


Are you fluent in more than one language? Update Manuskript translations on Weblate.
See also the Wiki.


Are you a writer with a passion for testing software? Go to the download page, give it a try, and report issues.


Do you have an idea on how to improve Manuskript? Open a GitHub pull request and show us.


Are you experienced in packaging applications? Manuskript is written in PyQt5, so it is theoretically possible to package it for any GNU/Linux distro, Mac Os X and Windows. Check the wiki to see where we’re at.

Spread the word

Right now, Manuskript can use help in all of the above areas. But as the apostle Paul almost said:

How can they help if they never heard about it?
And how can they hear about it if no one tells them about it?
Romans 10, 14

Therefore, if you would like to help but the 5 first options are not right for you, then please consider spreading the word about Manuskript. For example you could:

The more people know about it, the more will try it, the better it will become.

Send me a cup of coffee

Coffee greatly increases productivity, it is well known.

If you don’t know what my favourite coffee flavour is, you can always send me some money through paypal and I’ll get it 🙂