Writing modes: simple / fiction

I’ve been asked to reconsider “the enormity of my project” :p by thinking not only of fiction writers, but also of other type of writing: academic, documentation, etc. Manukskript now offers two modes: one “fiction” mode with all the tools for fiction writers (summary, characters, plot, world/context, etc.), and one “simple” mode, with only the[…]

Open and plain-text file format

I have been dissatisfied for a while with the single-file format: it doesn’t allow versioning, collaborative editing nor out-of-manuskript editing. Push by one of my interlocutor, I opted for a different file format, where everything is either: stored as several small text files in one folder (see here what it looks like) or zipped in[…]

An animated overview of the story line

Story line

The story line is a new feature, work in progress, ugly but functional. The idea is to get an overview of your work through different strands, of which texts are nodes. It is an other way to navigate between text elements, and it allows you to get a quick overview of importants themes of your[…]


With the outliner, you can see in a single glance the overall status of your book. See what chapters are done and those in need of writing. See which character appear in which scene. Quickly rearrange things if necessary. Write notes and summary for each item as you keep the big picture in view.