9 thoughts on “Customizable distraction free mode

  • How do I get here? I haven’t found any button or link or key combination that works. -_- (Also can’t create new projects; program crashes. Windows 10)

    • To access distraction free mode, click on the icon with the diagonal arrows in the lower right corner of the scene editor pane.

  • How can I import themes form FocusWriter?. I copy the .fwtz files into the resources/themes folder and it doesn’t work, even if I change the extension from .fwtz to .theme.
    Thank you for this great software.

    • Hi,

      Currently you can’t import .fwtz themes. I’ll add that in the future.

      (If you still want to use this theme right now, you have to extract it yourself with gzip, then extract the image, and save the ini file as a .theme plain text file.)

  • Learning to enjoy this app. Does even more than Scriv for Linux. One small problem, how to get a total word count? Currently I export as Plain.txt and do a word count in Gedit. Is there a better way inside Manuskript?

  • Just installed v 0.7.0-1 on Linux Mint. Cannot edit and make new Fullscreen mode theme. It also hangs opening a project. Is this an isolated problem? v 0.6.0 works perfectly.

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