Frequency Analyzer

The frequency analyzer helps you find out what words or sentences your using the most.


It was added on commit 308fe5e and will be included in release 0.2.

7 thoughts on “Frequency Analyzer

  • Hi!
    I am testing the Manuskript software, and I am happy with the nice experience.
    The only problem that I notice it’s the idiom.
    How can I install a new dictionary? It is possible?

    I want to install Portuguese Brazilian (PT-BR).


  • Personally I love this function, especially since you can have it look for phrases and not just single words like other programs.

    In relation to this, the search function doesn’t seem all that complete to me. I like how it will search through the whole document and not just the chapter open in the editor, but I think it’d be a lot better if you could then cycle through the searched word or at the least have them highlighted. Right now it’ll tell me that I have that word somewhere in a chapter but still requires that I then read through manually until I find it.

    A find and replace would also be a great addition.

    Overall I can see myself falling hard for this software. It seems simple and clean with a few functions that already put it ahead of the alternatives.

    • This might be a feature to be added in the future. Currently it’s not possible to copy the results from the tables. You could open an issue on Github for that, I think.

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