Built-in txt2tags highlighter

2017 update: manuskript has dropped txt2tags in favor of markdown. Much more used, and many export formats available.

If like me you love to write with lightweight markup and customizable stuff, Manuskript has a built-in txt2tags highlighter.


6 thoughts on “Built-in txt2tags highlighter

    • Recent versions of Manuskript have switched to using MarkDown formatting.

      To access blockquotes, prefix the sentence with a greater than character. For example:

      > This text will be treated as a blockquote

  • Hi, is there anyway to indent the 1st line of a paragraph with markdown? I know I can indent the paragraph in the text editor but it doesn’t show after it’s compiled. I’m using Manuskript 0.11.0.


    • Final formatting of the output for Markdown input is customizable. For basic text processing, as might be needed for a fiction novel, I wrote and use EBookGenTools. Other authors have created their own custom format scripts. In general the format of HTML output, typically used in eBook formats like epub, is controlled by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

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