Manuskript Editor Pane in Text Mode

Manuskript 0.16.1

Manuskript 0.16.1 is out. Reason for this rather quick release after 0.16.0 is to fix some issues on Windows systems which caused existing projects to be incompatible, potentially even crashing the application on launch when loading the recent project automatically on startup. Other operating systems shouldn’t have issues with 0.16.0 theoretically but it’s better to[…]

Manuskript Editor Pane in Text Mode

Manuskript 0.16.0

Manuskript 0.16.0 is here! This is again a release to address issues and crashes for the most part to improve the experience overall. So this release won’t bring a lot of new features. But there’s still a bit coming. What’s new? Translations As always the translations have improved by multiple contributions from our community. Big[…]

Manuskript Startup Dialog

Manuskript 0.14.0

Manuskript 0.14.0 is here! This is mostly a bug-fix release. So there are not many new shiny features. However this release will hopefully help reduce the issues from many users. What’s new? Stability There are multiple bugs which should be fixed by this release. If you have an issue still open on Github, you can[…]


Manuskript 0.13.1

Manuskript 0.13.1 got released! Why is it called 0.13.1 instead of 0.13.0? Well, because a newer Python update broke compatibility right after I finished preparation for 0.13.0. However this shouldn’t affect most platforms without Python version 3.10.1 or newer and I applied multiple changes already to prevent crashes. So Manuskript 0.13.1 should work just fine.[…]

Manuskript Search and Character count

Manuskript 0.12.0

Manuskript 0.12.0 is finally here! This is mostly a feature release which integrates a lot of long requested enhancements and is made possible by the folks who contribute to the project through opening issues, filing bug reports, adding code improvements and translating the UI into many languages. Thanks to you all. What’s new? Searching The[…]