Warning: Create Frequent Backups !

Though many features are already working as expected, Manuskript is still in the early development stages. We recommend creating frequent backups to minimize data loss due to software bugs, power outages, or hardware failure.

Have a try, and let us know what you think of it.


Import and Export Formats

Install pandoc for more import and export document formats such as ePub, OpenDocument (LibreOffice), and DocX (MS Word).

Spell and grammar check

Install language_tool_python for more detailed spell and grammar checking in your projects. It requires Java to be used and might slow down the loading times significantly. So a performant system is recommended at the moment (optimizations are planned in next releases).


Current version (0.16.1)


GNU/Linux Distribution Specific Packages

Caution – these packages may be for older releases.


Download, unzip it, and run manuskript/manuskript.exe.

Warning: Unfortunately some anti-virus software detect a false positive with this windows installer file, as is sometimes the case with files created with PyInstaller. See also Manuskript Issue #112 – Trojan in current windows installer?. You can either disregard the warning as the file is not dangerous, or you can choose to install from source code as listed under the heading Sources.

Mac OS X

Download manuskript-0.16.1-osx.dmg and open it.

Warning: Unfortunately macOS expects software to be officially signed but we don’t have the resources to do that. So currently the operating system might not let you install/run the software immediately. In OS X security settings, a button appears, allowing you to start Manuskript “anyway” (as in “even if we told you it could be a dangerous malware”). Then, the software should open and run as expected. (For more details see here)


You’ll need at least python3, pyqt5, lxml.

See here for help on how to run manuskript on different platforms.

Version 0.16.1

Download sources: zip or tar.gz

Extract archive, and run bin/manuskript.

Latest / develop

You can try the last version from GitHub:

git clone
cd manuskript
git checkout develop

Or download the sources from the develop branch.

You’ll find detailed procedures on the wiki.

Change log

See here.

Older versions (unsupported)

These older versions are unsupported, please do not submit bug reports for old versions.
You’ll find older releases here.