Manuskript now on Mac OS X !

Manuskript has now been packaged for OS X:

Manuskript on OS X

Most of the features work as expected.

On the retina display of the computer I used, I had to increase quite a lot the default font-size in settings to have something usable. So you might have to do that as well (Preferences > Views > Text Editor > Size).

Run from package

Download, unzip it (double-click), and the newly created manuskript folder. It contains a lot of files. Find the one name manuskript and double-click on it.

The package on OS X

You’ll see that, as in the windows version, when you run manuskript, a terminal opens up. This allows errors to be reported more easily, as manuskript is in a beta phase. You can just ignore it, most of the time.

Manuskript terminal on OS X

Run from source

I also made a quick guide for those who’d like to run manuskript from source. This allows to test the latest version, contribute to developing, etc. It take about five minutes to install all the necessary dependencies.

7 thoughts on “Manuskript now on Mac OS X !

  • Hello,
    Manuskript looks really awesome and I would love to give it a try.
    But I downloaded it three times on Mac and proceeded as mentioned above. Then it says, Manuskript default (or something like that) and that I should put it in the trash.
    Any advise? I would be very thankful.
    Kind regards

  • I’d love to try but when I open the folder called Manuscript (chosing from an array of files) it opens another blue folder called Manuscript 2 and so on. I’m in number 4 and no results to open the program. I truly hope this works, Scrivener destroyed all my files, a work of a lifetime and I could not recover them even with the best experts in the sofware market, yet i found out that many writers had the same experience but the the paid advertising in you tube is so strong that I failed to see the warning signs…so you can imagine how I feel about the whole ordeal and how much I need a new software . I use Word but it is cumbersome for a writer, particularly when you need to shift chapters around or if you get an unwanted split page (common with word). Please let me know what to do,

    Well, I’ll keep my eye on Manuscript

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