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I’ve been asked to reconsider “the enormity of my project” :p by thinking not only of fiction writers, but also of other type of writing: academic, documentation, etc. Manukskript now offers two modes: one “fiction” mode with all the tools for fiction writers (summary, characters, plot, world/context, etc.), and one “simple” mode, with only the writing tab.

Basic mode

In “simple” mode, manuskript is like a “simple” outliner.

This is reflected in project templates:

Simple mode templates

Note: the terms “fiction” / “non-fiction” are probably not the best. I’m open to correction from english-speaking folks.

11 thoughts on “Writing modes: simple / fiction

  • Bonjour,

    Merci pour ce projet. Excellente idée. Moi qui cherche depuis longtemps une alternative à Scrivener viable, fonctionnelle, libre, fonctionnant sous linux nativement… Génial.
    Je soutiens à fond. Je viens de faire un don.
    Je vais aider par remontée d’expérience. Peu éventuellement relire le français si besoin.
    Merci !

  • Is there a way to make my version of the software look like the one in the screenshot above? I prefer this “streamlined” view to the default one.

  • How do I turn on the snowflake mode so I can use the snowflake method? It’s greyed out for me in this option here.

    • Manuskript is still under development and the View -> Mode -> Snowflake menu option is not yet enabled.

      Initial work on a guided snowflake method is available via the Next button, such as on the Summary, and Character panes.

      • Please add this information on the main page under snowflake picture. I searched whole wiki and github site to find why “snowflake” option in View->Mode->Snowflake is greyed out:). BTW – great application.

        • It might make more sense to remove the View -> Mode -> Snowflake menu entry entirely. However I will wait until I get in contact with Olivier to learn his thoughts as he is the creator of Manuskript.

  • Idem for corrector with button F9, Pandoc to PDF, window maximized don’t work for me. I’m on Peppermint 9 (as Ubuntu 18.04)

    You are making a great program I hope it will be continued and completed

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