Manuskript 0.4.0

Manuskript 0.4.0 is out !

Development is slowly going forward on github, thanks to many people contributing with: bug reports, ideas, code, and even donations. Thanks to all of them ! Special thanks to Curtis Gedak (maintainer of: GPartedEBookGenTools, and SolitaireCG) who’s been really helpful lately !

What’s new?

A much better export system, working with markdown, using either Pandoc or MMD:


Split view to work on different items in parallel or navigate in a different way:

Splitted Views

Improved Spanish translation, and many bugs corrected.


4 thoughts on “Manuskript 0.4.0

  • I’m really liking working with manuskript on my pc, but I have a mac laptop. Any idea when 0.4.0 will be available for mac? I plan on using dropbox to sync my laptop and home pc for working.

    • Glad that you like it !
      You can already run manuskript on mac. 2 options:

      1. From source. (This way you can run the very latest version)
      2. A user created a package, see here (untested). If you do this, please comment on github whether it works for you or not, that would be great 🙂

      And by the way, manuskript 0.5.0 is about to be released, stay tuned.

  • I use windows, chromebook, and a mac. I would love to find an app that can be used in the cloud so I can seamlessly write on any pc I own and sync it all. Can manuskript do this?

    • Yes, more or less. Manuskript runs on windows, mac and linux. See previous comment, or the wiki. That way you can run manuskript at least on windows and mac.

      ChromeOS is a different story. I use a chromebook to develop manuskript, but with crouton running kubuntu (linux). That’s one way, but that’s more work. An other option would be to sync everything, and when you’re on your chromebook, to work only to edit the text files (using the plain text format), in any text editor. So you can manage your work with the power of manuskript on windows and mac, but still work on your project when you’re on your chromebook. That way, you can also work from any android or iOS device, with any text editor (or markdown editor).

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