Manuskript 0.2.0

The first few feedbacks I got for manuskript were encouraging. They tended to show that having a free software for writers in that line was not such a bad idea.

Yet this is just the begining, and the road is long. There are many questions to answer, and hard strategic decisions for the future of manuskript.

Yet the most asked question is: “is there a windows version?”. Since my religion forbids me running non-free software I don’t have a windows box, this was not a priority for me. But manuskript is powered by PyQt, which means cross-plateform. So I tried something with PyInstaller which seems to work. Now in order to create a windows package, I just need a windows computer now.

In terms of feature, apart from some polish to the interface, the story line appeared.

As always, I need testers.

Package (Linux)

Download, unpack it, and run manuskript/manuskript.


See download page.

4 thoughts on “Manuskript 0.2.0

  • This looks really great! Perhaps take a look at Plume Creator, a project with a similar goal, for ideas on what exists and what sort of direction you want your project to go. Their website seems to be unavailable at the moment, but you can get some information at Also, you can get Scrivener for Linux for free from – though I don’t think they plan to keep supporting it, I’m sure you’d be interested.

  • This Project is very promising ! I hope to see it evolve even more and become the dream one stop solution for writers and interactive creators !!

    Keep up the good work !

  • This looks like just the program I have been seeking.
    I have used both Plume and Scrivener… did not like them.
    A very good program for writers is YWriter, and it runs well in wine.
    It is an excellent program for writing a full length novel, flexible and the ability to shuffle scenes around is perfect.
    The only issue I have with it is that the story-line and notes feature are not quite what I need (a program that has sticky style notes by scene that can be easily tagged,linked and organized, and a cork- board feature similar to FreeWriter is what I seek).
    Preferably, without all the complexities of Plume and Scrivener, neither program is really ‘intuitive’ – you have to spend quite a bit of time to learn how to use them.
    A program that includes an integrated ‘plot line/beatsheet’ prompt style feature, and some sort of link-able database for characters, settings and plot plots/beats would be awesome! And I do believe one that many Authors would find very useful.
    I would glady volunteer as a tester, I have a laptop running Win10 and I run Linux Peppermint 6 Distro on my desktop.
    Which is why I originally came to the site, I downloaded and tried to install the program through Linux Peppermint, and failed. If someone could please point me to a more detailed set of install instructions (one with screen shots would be wonderful) I would be grateful 🙂

  • I really like the project, but I have a serious issue with accent marks on Linux Mint 17.3. I’m Spanish and can’t write a single phrase without having to run the spellchecking, getting the right suggestions, and substituting all the wrong words. It gets worse with words that you can only distiguish by the accent mark (esta, ésta and está, for example), since all of them are correct in some context but I can only type the first one. If I modify the file with another editor, Manuskript manages it perfectly, it’s only that it doesn’t recognise keystrokes for accent marks.

    Please, please, solve it. I suppose it’s the same for French, Italian and many other languages. Can’t even type my own name!

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