Répartitions des richesses parmi les chrétiens

Répartition des chrétiens sur le globe, et répartitions des richesses parmi les chrétiens. Source: Johnson and Ross, Atlas of Global Christianity, cité dans Johnson, Todd M., and Gina A. Bellofatto, « Upon Closer Examination: The Status of World Christianity », In River of God: An Introduction to World Mission, Doug Priest & Stephen Burris (éds.), Eugene, Wipf & Stock, 2012, p.108–124. Répartitions des chrétiens par continents Répartitions des richesses chrétiennes par continents Disproportions « This puts churches in the global South at a critical disadvantage in supporting their ministry staff, home missions, foreign missions, and overall holistic ministry goals of their organizations. As global Christianity continues to move southward, the global church will be…


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